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 山东北方中意新材料有限公司总部位于山东省新泰市开发区嶅山路9号,研发中心位于济南。 是中国兵器工业集团下属的子公司的控股公司,是中国兵器工业集团复合材料产品的研发及生产基地。

Shandong North-zhongyi New Materials Co.,Ltd located at No.9 Aoshand road ,High-tech zone of Xintai city ,Shandong,China. The research center located in Jinan City.It is belong to NORINCO Group company ,is the resarech center and  manufacturing base of FRP production in this Group.



Main production and service


公司拥有缠绕生产线16条、管件缠绕机、缠绕微控系统等设备174台(套),具备年产2万吨各种规格增强GRE管道的生产能力,是专业生产GRE管道的生产厂家。 公司生产的GRE管道接受美国石油协会(API15HR API15LR)、美国船级社(ABS)、德国船级社(GL)、法国船级社(BV)、韩国船级社(KR)及中国船级社(CCS)等第三方认证,该产品具有耐腐蚀、高强度、防火和防静电性能,达到了海洋工程特殊的工作环境对装备材料的要求,打破了国外企业在国内的垄断,填补了该领域的国内空白。


Shandong North Zhongyi New Materials Co., Ltd. has16 production lines, and more than 174 machines, such as fitting winding machine, micro control system and so on. she has scale production capacity of producing 20,000 t GRE pipes with all kinds of specifications and is a professional manufacturer of Glass-fiber Reinforced Epoxy Pipe.The GRE pipe manufactured by Shandong North Zhongyi New Materials Co., Ltd. has been  certificated by API 15HR, API 15LR, ABS, GL, BV, KR and CCS. Our products posse corrosion resistance, high strength, fire prevention and anti-static properties, meet the requirements of marine engineering in the special working environment. Meanwhile, it also breaks the monopoly of the foreign enterprises in China, thus filling the domestic space of this field.




At present, our company has four series and dozens specifications of the fiberglass reinforced plastic. Main products: GRE pipe applied to offshore platform and marine engineering, GRE pipe for the oil field, GRE pipe with larger size for chemical industry and LNG industry, GRE pipe for fresh water and sewage

disposal. Our product has been already widely used in domestic market, such as CNOOC, SINOPEC, CNPC, Shanghai Wai Gaoqiao Shipyard company and other companies. It also used in the overseas market, such as Australia, Iraq, Kazakhstan and so on. We also established excellent relations of friendly cooperation with many purchasing agents, and our product wins good reputation from numerous customers all over the world.









The company is one of the few domestic enterprises that can manufacture 5000m3 large storage tanks on the spot.And ranked  top 3 in the domestic industry in terms of  comprehensive capacity.

Environment-friendly FRP ultra-high chimney: made diameter8m and height220m, ranked top 2 in domestic industry comprehensive capacity, is main of the supplier of China Datang company.

FRP desulfurization tower, ranked top 3 in the domestic industry in comprehensive capacity.



The double-wall underground tank Used for gas station



Ranked top 2 in the domestic industry comprehensive ability. It is the supplier of China Shell company, whose supply quantity accounts for 80% of shell's purchase quantity in east China.And at the same time, we are also is supplier of Petrochina, Sinopec, Cnooc for their gas station supplier.






公司业务联系人contact person: 马学斌总经理 CEO Mr Ma Xuebin 

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